We recently went on a trip south of Perth to visit the Manjimup Wine & Truffle Co. It's truffles season in Australia between May to August. If you love the smell of this beautiful but expensive fungus, you must visit this place and participate in their truffle hunt.

We feasted on this amazing gourmet delicacy during our visit and paid $9 per 3 grams to have more truffles added to our meals!

Super Yummy Juicy Steak with Pate, wrapped in puff pastry on truffle mash potato with added extra serving of truffles
 For this culinary trip to the south, I've decided try this red hot nails decked out with blings!



I've been looking around for a bright red nail colour and it was love at first sight when I saw this.  
OPI - Red Hot Ayers Rock! The red hot part was absolutely correct :)
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Just a quick post today. I broke 2 of my finger nails and had to put my pre planned nail art design on hold. The nail break was quite massive so I've decided to trim down all my nails. Now that they are much shorter, I thought I'll give OPI's 'Who The Shrek Are You?' a try. I've never worn such a bright green before and I think they look so cute on short nails.

This was the first broken nail! Look how short it is now.

After 1 week wear, under filtered light - The colour looks so different!
Oh by the way, we're building our first house! It's so exciting seeing the brick work finally getting done. I've made provision for a nail art section within the house. Can't wait for it to be completed! :)
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Hi everyone, I am finally back! So sorry I've been away for such a long time, as I needed a break after my failed fertility treatment. I'm all good now :) and all ready to start blogging and doing nail art once again. Big thanks to everyone who kept visiting my blog during my absence and for leaving all those kind messages.

Just an update on my previous pink roses nail design. I was one of the most long wearing set of nails I've worn. I had them on for a little more than 4 weeks. Other than my natural nails growing out, I had zero tip wear and hardly any lifting. Only down side is it took me a couple of hours removing them and it involves heaps of manual filing and using my electric nail drill! I'll need to give gel and acrylic overlay a rest for now.

Today's blog title is called 'What to do with Alice?'. You must be wondering what that means? Well, I've been asking myself this question for 2 weeks after getting my hands on OPI's Absolutely Alice. I tested the nail colour first and although I love the glitter, I find the overall colour a little bit too dark for my liking. Therefore, instead of covering my entire nail with this nail polish, I choose to only cover half of it for some of my nails. I also choose some yellow and gold to brighten it up.

These were taken on a Saturday after 3 days of wear. It's winter now in Australia and I can't get enough sunlight during the weekdays to take any photos. It's always too dark in the morning before I go to work and the sun would have already set by the time I reach home.

The moon is drawn straight onto my nails using a gold acrylic powder. I added some large round glitters to make it more shiny. The large gold and silver stars are made using clear acrylic mixed with glitter powder. It's moulded separately on a piece of aluminium foil before gluing it onto my nails.

Close up look of the large glitters I added onto the moon and starts

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