Hi everyone I'm finally back blogging! Sorry I've been away for nearly a whole year! For those who know, I was very busy last year with house moving. It was so stressful and hectic but very fun at the same time. I'm finally settled into my new place with most of the issues sorted out.

During the most part of the second half of last year, my nails were kept very short and with no nail polish on. I had to do that for practical reasons. We were moving lots of furniture, dismantling and assembling lots of stuff and doing lots of scrubbing and cleaning. It wasn't until late November 2011 that I started wearing nail polish again. My hands by then were dry and yucky looking. It took me a while and with some proper love and care to bring them back to health.

I have started creating lots of new nail art and can't wait to share them with you guys!

Lets start with this set of nails I created last year, before I cut them all down for the big move.
They were created because I had to attend a spring wedding. I applied a clear gel overlay on my natural nails, then applied off white nail gel to the top and the bottom part of the nail. Using acrylic paint, I painted the crosses on the clear section of the nail. Then I applied a layer of clear gel to seal it up. Before I cure the top gel coat, I added the pink glitter flakes so that it sticks onto the nail after it cures. Using acrylic powder, I created the 3D nail art. I love how shiny gel nails are and how much longer the last on the nails. But the curing process takes up so much time. I am still learning how to apply an even amount of gel over the nails.

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