I LOVE April. We have the super long weekend during Easter (both Friday and Monday are public holidays) and another long weekend during Anzac Day. Both Charles and I did absolutely nothing and had a wonderful time!

Charles and I have been married for a little more than 3 years now and many people have been asking the same question. 'When are you guys planning for kids?' My friends have been asking, my colleagues and my relatives have asked the same question. Last week, my mother in Law even gave me a fertility doctor's contact number. To be honest, we've been trying for 1 and a half years now. I was a little worried after 1 year and still no news, but I'm taking it easy now. Children are blessing from God and if it's meant to be, I'll eventually have one. In the meantime I'll enjoy my freedom while I can :)

On Saturday afternoon, we had a BBQ with some friends and all of them brought their kids along. We spend the afternoon with the kids picking up sea shells and throwing pebbles into the river. They had such a wonderful time! It's amazing how happy and satisfied kids can get with life's simple pleasures.