Oh my goodness! My favourate singer Amei have released a new albulm this month under her Puyuma aboriginal name - Gulilai Amit. The entire albulm ROCKS! I've been listening to all the tracks on repeat mode for several days. My husband can even sing her songs now hahaha!

Created my nails to match the rock theme.

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As I'm writing this post, it's pouring like crazy outside. I'm planning to go shopping tomorrow, but looks like I may have to stay home and watch drama instead!

Tomorrow's forecast:
"Showers and windy, with the risk of a thunderstorm and hail. Strong and squally W/SW'ly winds, reaching gale force at times."

This is last week's nail art. It took me 4 whole hours to get it done. My eyes were all blur and 'googley' after it's complete.

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Is it old age or is it really cold this winter? I am already looking wishing for Spring to arrive!
Did a frosty design this week.

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