Wow time really pass by so quickily! Jin Jin's Adventures has just turned 1 year old! A BIG Thank You to everyone who's been following and reading my blog. I can't express in words how much fun I had interacting with fellow bloggers who share the same passion in nail polish and nail art.

Looking back this past year, I've realised just how much nail art materials I've collected and purchased! Only last week, I was shocked to find out that my nail art station and table is running out of space to fit all my stuff! The year ahead, I'm hoping to experiment and to try more methods and techniques for creating nail art. I hope that you'll enjoy reading the post as much as I enjoy creating the nail art.

As for this week's nail art, I created a design to go with a purple dress I wore to a friend's engagement party. In my excitement to capture it before sun set, I've totally forgotten to clean the nail polish overflow around my nails! So please ignore the ugly bits hehehe

  I love the tiny sparkles in this Rimmel nail polish - 610 Pompous.

This is a nail polish I've picked up some time ago - Inglot 885. I love this white and have used it several times in different nail art designs.  The 3D flowers are created using acrylic powder. I had to dip the brush in the white powder first then the purple to create the 2 tone effect.

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Happy Chinese New Year! It's the first day of the Lunar calander this coming Sunday. Traditionally, we'll have a reunion dinner on new year's eve followed by 15 days worth of celebrations!

During Chinese New Year, we often great each other with auspicious words such as 新年快乐 Xin Nian Kuai Le (Happy New Year), 万事如意 Wan Shi Ru Yi (May things go as you wish), 恭喜发财 Gong Xi Fa Cai (Congratulations and be prosperous)。

For my Chinese New Year nail art, I've used 2 coats of  Colour Club - Jewel Tone Blue, topped up with lots of sliver flakes. Using three different colours of  3D Gel, I've created a gold fish on each of the ring finger. Some lighter coloured flakes were also used on the fish's body to represent fish scales.

You might be wondering why I'm drawing Fish for Chinese New Year when it's the year of the Tiger. Well, there is a popular auspicious saying during Chinese New Year called 年年有鱼 (Nian Nian You Yu). It literally means 'Every Year There's Fish'. The word 鱼 Yu (Fish) sounds phonetically similar to the word 余 Yu (Surplus and bountiful)!


 I've added silver flakes near to the cuiticle on the ring finger instead of at the nail edge. It makes the fish look as if it's blowing air bubbles!


By the way, I was getting tired of square nails and changed it to oval instead. It's so much harder to shape them, but oval nails seem to make some of my curled nails less obvious.
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I've not been a big fan of nude nail polish, however the recent buzz with mannequin nails made stop by the MAC counter again and bought this new nail polish from the Love Lace collection - Light Affair.

I'm very impressed with this nail polish's consistancy and how easily it applies with just 2 coates. Being rather busy lastely, I've not changed my nail polish for 2 whole weeks and I must say this nail polish wears extremely well! Ever since my parents went overseas, I've been cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry without any gloves on and it's hardly done any damage!

Going along with the Love Lace theme, I've added some black lace like konad print. Being very new to Konad, it took me ages to get it right. I've stuffed up several times and even smudged it towards the end while applying top coat ontop of the Konad print. I conclude that I'm a Konad retard hahaha....think I'll need some time to get the hang of it.

Added a black mixed with silver acrylic ribbon

Small black acrylic ribbons

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