Oh it's summer here in Perth and we're getting the full blown heat wave this year! My parents who were staying with us the past 6 months have just 'escaped' to Singapore for Chinese New Year. Just before they left, I made this 3D acrylic Sunflower pedicure for my mom. I hope they last till Chinese New Year! 



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I've just completed a new set of wedding nails for a friend's wedding in Malaysia. For the first time, my nail art is flying international to another country!

It took me 2 days to complete this as I wanted to make sure the paint is totally dry before proceeding with the 3D acrylic flowers. I've used 4 coats of OPI's Isn't It Romantic, as it looks quite sheer even after 3 coats.

What a pretty colour!

Added some sparkles...

Looks like it's been sugar coated :)

Added 3D Acrylic Flowers

Added pink and white pearls and silver bullions + lots of gel and top coat. Isn't it shiny?



Ready To Fly to Malaysia!

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Whenever I go shopping, I've always walked right pass the Napoleon counter. Until one day, this colour stopped me on my tracks. I've always wanted to create a nail design using a Tiffany coloured nail polish!

The application of this nail polish was very streaky but on the whole, it wears quite well and I do love the colour.



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The Summer Lace Wedding Nails I made for my friend M was finally being worn on the big day early this month! I was so excited on the actual day that I've totally forgotten to bring my camera. These photos were taken from the iPhone.


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Hi everyone, I know this is late but Happy New Year!!! It's been a really eventful 2009 both at work and at home. I'm really glad to have started this blog to share my passion for nail art. Along the way, I've met some really great friends online! Thank You for following and reading Jin Jin's Adventures.

I've been wanting to post this new year nail design for sometime but I've not been feeling very well. I have a big mission to complete this year and no matter how much trouble and discomfort I've to endure, I'm determined to make it work. Last year, my doctor confirmed that I've got Polycystic Ovaries, which makes it difficult for me to have a baby. During the past 4 weeks, I've been going through many scans, tests, medication and blood tests (twice a week). The medication I'm taking to help ovulation is making me quite sick. I'm constantly tired and everything I eat have a milky after taste, sometimes I just don't feel like eating as I'm nauseous most of the time. So far, my first round of medication prove to be unsuccessful, the second round will involve a higher dosage. I'm bracing myself for another round of side effects and hormonal roller coaster ride!

Since I've started this blog, I've been posting at least once a week, however, due to my big mission this year, I may reduce my posting frequency. Some days I'm just an emotional wreck! hahaha It's amazing what a little white pill can do to you!

Anyways, I've been wearing this set of nails since new year. It's got lots of glitter flakes on it, exactly how I like to welcome the new year.....with lots of shiny, bright and wonderful wishes to everyone out there! Happy New Year!!!


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