I have been feeling really sick the past few days. Down with a cold, plus I've finally gone for my IUI (intrauterine insemination) last Friday. I was so nervous being my first time but it all went well. I have to self administer 4 more injections the next 2 weeks before going back for a blood test to see if it's successful. The needles have grown in size dramatically! These new injections are actually pragnancy hormones used to regulate your body for a baby if successful. I'm really scared of these needles now cos they are huge and the first one was really painful. Not looking forward to my second needle this Wednesday :(

This week's nail art is ultra sweet and cute. I keep looking at them after it's been completed. As usual, being a gel overlay plus tons of nail art, it took me nearly 5 hours to complete (while watching Korean drama) hehe :)

I'm going to show you another way you can use acrylic and craft scissors to create 3D lace for your nails. I made this tutorial a few days before painting it on my natural nails. 

Using my newly purchased gel colours, I mixed some cream and dusty pink colour.

Sorry about this photo, I can't seem to rotate it.

Using the 2 colours above, create a reverse french mani.

Using a bright red, white and green acrylic paint, draw some tiny roses randomly.

Cover with a layer of gel top coat and cure for 2 mins. See how shiny it becomes :)

For the 3D lace, you'll need an aluminum foil, white acrylic powder and a pair of craft scissors that cuts curvy design.

Mould a rectangle piece of acrylic on the aluminium foil. Lift the acrylic while it's still bendable and cut it on both sides length wise with the craft scissors.

You'll have to work fast or else the acrylic will be too hard and dry. Place the acrylic on the nail and bend it into shape.

Using nail glue, attach the 3D lace on the nail and cut off the excess. Add some pink dots on the top curve bits.

Using some pink 3D gel, create 3 rectangle strips and a ribbon. Space the rectangle strips out so it looks like a ribbon threading through the lace. Seal the acrylic and 3D gel with a top gel coat and cure.


Here's the design I created on my natural nails. I did not use the 3D lace on my own nails because I was too tired after I've completed it. Instead, I covered the cream and pink joining sections with light pink pearls. Which one do you like more?

For the index and pinky, I managed to squeeze in a huge acrylic heart amd trace it with pink bullions. The pink rose on the heart is created by using 3D gels. I also used a light mint 3D gel to create some leaves around the rose. However the mint is so light it can hardly be seen.

For the right hand, I mixed a darker pink gel colour.

Fingers cross for Friday the 25th June when I will know if the IUI is successful....very nervous.
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The past few weeks have been so crazy. I've started my next round of fertility treatment where I have to self inject needles into my stomach daily. I've not been scared of needles but injecting it yourself is totally different! The nurses were very helpful at the clinic. They allowed me to practise injecting into a fake belly and then teach me how to do it on the real belly hahaha. I'm now an expert in self injection! Only problem every morning is to find a spot on my tummy that haven't been pricked!

2nd crazy thing is that my home phone have gone all weird. I can only make local land line calls. If I try to call a mobile phone, or to other states within the country, it doesn't work at all! I've been complaining to my provider Eftel for 3 weeks and there have been nothing done! I'm really annoyed with them.

I'm building a new house at the moment and it's really frustrating dealing with them. There's been a lot of hidden items we were not aware of. Everyone I speak to gives me a different story.

Luckily I can always 'escape' into my nail room for a few hours and just concentrate on nail art. It serves as a getaway where I can forget all my worries and just focus on something I like.

This week's nail art consists of a lot of glitter, a revisit to my 3D gel collection and a new but easy to create nail art technique.

Nail Polish Used:
1.  Butter London - Chancer
2. Shiseido Maquillage - 56

I applied Butter London Chancer on all my finger nails except on the ring finger where I used Maquillage 56.

These are the other materials required. I used some yellow and silver rhinestones, red heart shape flakes and 3D Gel to mould the roses.

First I'll show you how to make this really simple flower using the heart shape flakes. I am using 3D gel over here but you can also use acrylic. Both the 3D gel or acrylic act as a paste to hold this flower design together.

Take a blob of 3D gel and place it on your finger nails. Using a pair of pincers, arrange the hearts around the 3D gel such that I forms a 5 petal flower. Cure this under the UV lamp and repeat the same process ontop of the original flower. This time, place only 4 hearts into the 3D gel. Press some gold bullions into the centre of the gel and cure under UV lamp again. You can seal it with some gel top coat and cure it again.

Taken under my table lamp.

Under filtered sunlight.

Under filtered sunlight but brighter. I love this red, especially the glitter! Only issue I had with it was that it didn't last as long as my other Butter London nail polish. After 2 days, I could already see visible tip wear. However, with some mending and top coat I managed to wear this for 2 weeks!

This is what I did for the other fingers. I kept it simple, adding some rhinestones except for the index finger where I used the 3D gel to mould a rose. I used a creamy colour 3D gel and added a tiny amount of red to it. I found the red 3D gel too bright, therefore I also added some black gel to darken it.

I have something very cute and sweet planned for the next nail art. Stay tuned!

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