There are more and more news every day about recession. Gloom and Doom is all there is on business news. I've heard news from a few friends who have lost their jobs. My heart goes out to those with families to support and a mortgage to pay. The reality of life is that we need money to survive.

The company I've been working for have also recently publicly announced that they will be cutting some staff. It didn't come as a surprise as we're sort of aware that it's coming. However, hearing it publicly announced did set off an alarm in my brain. I guess I'm better off than some in many ways, but going to work every day now without any sense of stability is kind of killing me. The husband have kindly suggested that he's all for me being a tai tai (lady of leisure) if anything happens. However that's not the kind of lifestyle I'm wanting to have, at least not for now.

Well we'll just have to wait it out and see what happens. Please pray.
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I've been pretty happy with my last 3 nail art. The one I have on this week took me 3 and a half hours to complete! I love anything that sparkles, especially gold and sliver ones. It works really well on long nails.

Last week I had a rose pattern nail art. It's so sweet and pretty. I've forbidden myself to buy anymore nail polish but caved in when I saw this OPI Designer colour with diamond powder. See how the pink colour sparkles under different lights?

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You might have noticed from my previous post that I've been busy land hunting. After looking around at so many locations, I've decided that I'm still more comfortable living south of the river. In fact, I've been a southling for the past 11 years!

I found a beautiful estate called Meve. The newest release consists of elevated land with breathtaking views of the city, ocean, surrounding parkland and the hills. I am in LOVE.

I also LOVE (make that double LOVE) the new Port Coogee Marina. The ocean views just take my breath away! Just look at that ocean....sigh....

Both estates are pretty near each other but Meve is nearer to the train station. For the same price, I'll be getting half the size of land in Port Coogee as comparted to Meve. Sea view is always much much more expensive!

My dad is also loving Port Coogee, however Charles is a bit weary of rising sea levels. Decisions Decisions.
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Oh my goodness I've been so busy at work the past couple of weeks that I feel numb both mentally and physically when I reach home. The last thing I want to do is to think of what to cook at the end of the day. Luckily my parents are around to look after me! I feel so blessed to have them around, not just because I can come home to a lovely meal every night, but also because I somehow feel more at ease and safe to have them around. I really enjoy their company and I love to have some elder people around to talk to when I need some guidance. They are also a great source of entertainment! hahaha They're both wacky and funny in their own ways.

Other then work, I've also been very busy with looking for land and display homes. I think I'm finally ready to own my own house! Looking for a suitable plot of land and home design is both fun and stressful. My head is now in a big mess after seeing and hearing so much. The property market is a bit sluggish now, it's probably a good time to buy, but I'm a bit uncertain about job security Sigh...Practicality aside, I'm currently obsessed with this house design! I've looked at it so many times now that I know every single detail by heart.

I'll wait for another 4 to 6 weeks before I make a decision. In the mean time, I can just dream!
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