You might have noticed from my previous post that I've been busy land hunting. After looking around at so many locations, I've decided that I'm still more comfortable living south of the river. In fact, I've been a southling for the past 11 years!

I found a beautiful estate called Meve. The newest release consists of elevated land with breathtaking views of the city, ocean, surrounding parkland and the hills. I am in LOVE.

I also LOVE (make that double LOVE) the new Port Coogee Marina. The ocean views just take my breath away! Just look at that ocean....sigh....

Both estates are pretty near each other but Meve is nearer to the train station. For the same price, I'll be getting half the size of land in Port Coogee as comparted to Meve. Sea view is always much much more expensive!

My dad is also loving Port Coogee, however Charles is a bit weary of rising sea levels. Decisions Decisions.