It was so hot today, nearly 37 deg.c! Walking outside in the sun during lunch time was a real torture. Maybe it's due to the heat, I didn't have much to eat, but I kept craving for Oysters!

This reminded me of our visit with my Parents to Miyajima (literally "shrine island") just a few minutes by boat from Hiroshima. It is one of Japan's 3 most senic views, well known for their Itsukushima Shrine, together with its large wooden torii (gate), stands in the ocean during high tide.

We only spent half a day on the island but totally enjoyed it! There were lots of dears roaming around on the island and one even ate my brochure (I still kept what's left of it haha).

For lunch, we had the most delicious, juicy and large oysters, coated with bread crumbs and very quickily deep fried. The outside was crispy and warm but the oyster inside was still raw. yum yum...really wanted to eat this today! sigh...

Oh by the way we were also just in time to view the autumn leaves. They were so beautiful! Have anyone of you been to Miyajima before?