Last night at 3am I was woken by a loud bang. Upon checking, I realised our fence have collapsed! The strong winds, rain and hail stones passing through last night have created havoc all over Perth!

These pictured were taken after much cleaning and shifting around. The fencing were initially leaning against my patio. I also found one of my neighbour's tree trunk on my drive way and leaves all over the place. It's a night mare, but thank God for it could have been worse!

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I recently received an email from my uncle inviting everyone in the family to his place for a Durian and karaoke party. The only problem for me is that the party is a good 5 hours flight away :( I heard they also had very good mangosteens! I miss my family, I miss Durians and Mangosteens too!!!

To make up for the lack of karaoke, I spent yesterday afternoon with a good friend locked in a karaoke room for 4 hours. Think I'm getting a sore throat now, but I would rather have a sore throat from eating too much durians :)

These 2 nail art were created during the last couple of weeks. I am still wearing the brown and yellow one at the moment. It's been 5 days and it's still wearing very well with very little damage. I've been very diligent in putting on a top coat every 2 days and it's really working well in prolonging the nail polish wear time. My toe nails are on long service leave, meaning they have no polish on this week. My finger nails need to see some daylight as well but I simply cannot do without nail art at the moment. They'll just have to wait :)

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Oh what a fun and relaxing holiday! I've taken a couple of weeks off to spend time with my uncle and auntie who've come over to visit me from Singapore. We went shopping, eating, vegetated at home and watched lots and lots of dramas! Sigh I wished everyday could be like this hehehe...

For my nails this week, I've chosen to attempt 3D acrylic nail art. It was so fun and smelly hahaha. To create the flowers, I had to dip my brush into this strong smelling monomer liquid and then into acrylic powder and draw each petal onto my nails. Took me ages but it was great fun! The only let down was the new gel like top coat I used to seal the design. It created so much bubbles that I almost want to remove the entire art work and redo them again! sigh...

My toes were pampered this time too!
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We're finally getting some rain and colder nights! Apparently there have been a warm current along our coast that's been bringing us a warm and sunny winter. Although it's never cold enough here to have any snow, but I've seen some frost and hail storms the last couple of weeks.

I've been really into white nail polish the last 2 weeks. One black and white nail art one was inspired by the dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady.

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