Whenever I have family or friends travelling to Asia, the first thing I ask them to bring back for me are nail stickers! I absolutely love them for their ease of use and convenience especially when creating nail art. See the cute flowers my sister bought for me (pink nails).

I just got 2 new nail colours - OPI My Private Jet & OPI DS Coronation. The DS Coronation is a beautiful sparkling gray but I looks a bit too transparent by itself. On this photo, I actually have 2 coats of white nail polish before I put on 2 coats of DS Coronation. Other than the 3D flowers, I tried putting on this new metal balls I got for free at the nail supplies shop. I had lots of looks on the train while wearing this nail art.

As for the OPI My Private Jet, I actually think it looks good just by itself. It looks a little bit Burgundy with lots of tiny sparkles. However, since I'm so used to have nail art, I cannot stop myself from adding bigger sparkles on the tips as well as some diamonties and gold foils.