Leopard print seems to be the most in thing this season. I see it everywhere in the shops from clothing to accessories. This nail art incorporates leopard print, but in a soft and pretty kinda way.

I used 2 colours for the base, however they look very similar you can hardly see the difference in these photos. OPI - Your Royal Shyness is used nearer to the cuticles and MAC - Cream Light Affair is used where the leopard print is.

As for the middle brown stripe, I used OPI - Suzi Loves Cowboys. I also stick on silver striping tape along the brown lines.

The leopard print is hand drawn using OPI - Wooden Shoe Like to Know? and Tickle My France-Y

To give it a soft look, I added white acrylic flowers and white pearls. Some gold metal buttons were also added to give it more colour.
Dior - Waterlily a nail polish colour released from their spring collection. I walked past the Dior counter a few weeks ago and this nail polish immediately caught my eye. It's a very unique green that gives off a wonderful scent of roses once it's dried.

Since this nail polish smells like roses, I decided to hand draw some red roses to compliment it.

 I wanted to do something different on my ring finger. In this photo, I used OPI - Pedal Faster Suzi as the base, then I applied Care Romeis's pink crackle ontop, and also added some glitter from OPI -  Teenage Dream. I wore this pink colour for a couple of days but I think it doesn't go well with the rest of the nails. It was eventually replaced with the same Dior - Waterlily as base and topped with OPI - Save me. Unfortunately I've forgotten to take photos of it. I've included a photo of my toe nails done exactly the same way, to show you how it looks like.

I love bright cheerful colours, especially so this summer. It started when my dear hushand bought me a bright yellow handbag during our anniversary. From that day on, I bought quite a few bright coloured, shoes and nail polish ...hehe it's so nice to be surrounded by all these cheerful colours.

Sorry about the picture quality on some of these photos, they were taken from my handphone.

These 2 sets of nail art were created in December 2011.

I love this blue nail polish with white lace nails. The best thing about them was that they were very simple and quick to create. Just nail polish, wait for it to dry, apply the nail stickers, finish with top coat and you're done. My sister bought these nail stickers for me from Sasa.

Nail Polish Used: - OPI - Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!

The second set was done using one of my favourite red nail polish from OPI - Red Hot Ayers Rock
I always go back to it when I want a happy red :)

This set of nails was created on full cover nail tips, made specially for my dear friend Wendy who got married in December last year. Her favourite colour is purple :) I was afraid they were a bit too long but it looked absolutely perfect on her!

Nail polish used was OPI - Yokohama Twilight

There were a few green and blue glitters in my nail polish collection that I've never used before. Recently, I added OPI's GONE GONZO! to the collection. Since some of these glitters were pretty sheer, I decided to use them to re-create a summer sea turtle, frangipani theme nail art  I originally saw in a nail magazine.

First I applied 3 coats of OPI's Happy Anniversary.

Then using these 2 very very sheer glitter nail polish from Chi Chi, I layered them on my nails. Green glitter nearer the free edge and blue above the green 3/4 way up.

Then I applied OPI's GONE GONZO! In the middle where the 2 glitters meet.

Using The Face Shop nail colour GR501, I added a bit more green to the nail tips, just to give it a pretty glow.

I'm not sure if you guys can see it, I used 2 different coloured crushed sea shells and glued them on to the centre of my middle and last finger nails. The Frangipanis were drawn on using acrylic. The trick to drawing frangipani is to make sure that the colour acrylic stays in the centre and when you mould the flower, flatten one side of the petal so that the next petal can sit very close the previous one. It gives the impression that one petal is tucked under the other.I finished it off by adding some extra gems here and there and some gel top coat over the 3D acylic to give it extra protection..

Where is the Sea Turtle? haha here it is!

After taking such a long break from nail art, these were the first set I made. It was very different working in a new room, on a new nail table and with a new table layout. You'll notice that my pictures are not as good for this post and on the next few that I'm about to publish. I'll apologise in advance. I'm was experimenting which was the best time and location to take these photos in my new house. I think I've finally figured it out. So you'll get better pictures very soon!

 When OPI's Muppet collection came out, I was madly in love with rainbow connection. The glitters come in different sizes and oh the colours are just simply beautiful! I love layering rainbow connection over another OPI nail polish from the same collection 'Designer.. De Better!'. My mom and I have been wearing it on our toe nails all summer. We can't get enough of it hehe :)

Hand Painted Roses Using Acrylic Paint